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Our Mission

The Extraordinary Male Mentoring Group (EM2G) teaches and embodies the philosophy of success over circumstance. This program provides at-risk youth an environment that promotes their spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being, and development. EM2G aims to introduce role models from the community, who embody confidence, emotional intelligence, resilience, and ambition, and in some cases provide a solid platform of support lacking for generations.

EM2G School Year Mentorship Begins October 1st, 2023! Sign up below to register and learn more.

Program Initiatives


Educational Empowerment

Career Exposure & Exploration, Summer Enrichment, College Exploration, and Interpersonal Skills

Community Building

Community Awareness, Anti Bullying, Sense of Belonging, and Servant Leadership

Crime Reduction & Prevention

Life Skills, Conflict Resolution, Community Engagement, and Cultural Competency

Substance Abuse Awareness &  Prevention

Opioid, Vaping, Alcohol and Drug awareness. Identifying the triggers, influence and risk factors that lead to substance abuse