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About Us

The future is the greatest gift we have to offer the generations to come.

Our Story

Our purpose is to provide young men ages 5-15 an environment that promotes spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical well-being and development. Only with a village can one be a confident, productive, and thriving member of society. We provide a safe healing and learning space to develop those social and emotional components and put them to use in exercises and experiences that are relevant and valuable for their personal development.

Our approach is to combine real world scenarios with educational and stimulating activities. We host camp during the summer months starting the beginning of June and ending the beginning of August, Monday- Friday. We host weekly sessions and workshops that focus on exposing campers to new information and then put that information to use in a fun and exciting way.

The majority of our campers are considered “at-risk.” Understanding this we incorporate W.O.R.D. in everything we do, Wisdom Over Reckless Decisions. This philosophy helps campers strengthen their social and emotional skills, while also creating relevant environments

to develop critical thinking, problem-solving and team collaboration skills.

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